Personalise a vehicle with a new registration

Number Plates

Personalise your vehicle with a new registration

Everything is better when it’s personalised. Give someone a pen for their birthday and they’re hardly likely to jump for joy unless it’s solid gold and encrusted in diamonds, but personalise it with their name, or a thoughtful message and it will be treasured forever. Just about everything can be personalised these days. From a keyring to a pint glass, your everyday items become that bit more special when they’re unique to you.

Of course all number plates are already unique, but the standard plates that are issued by the DVLA that you buy along with your car, just aren’t personal to you, they have no meaning, in fact they’re pretty boring to look at. With a personalised number plate however, you can add that personal touch to your vehicle and make it truly yours. Unless you have a super fancy sports car, it can be very difficult to personalise a car, to add your style to it, but a new private registration will do the trick. It’s the simplest way to make your car look different from everyone else’s, and with so many options for personalisation, whether you have a plate that features your name, your hobby, or advertises your business, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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