Let’s Be Friends – It’s International Friendship Day!

International Friendship Day - Speedy Reg
International Friendship Day – Speedy Reg

Friendships are so important. From those close friends you can turn to when you really need to talk, those you can share fun times with, and those casual friends that you perhaps don’t know that well but are always nice to have a chat with. We’re lucky here at SpeedyReg as we have lots of friends! Everyone who works here is so lovely we are all friends as well as colleagues, and we have a lot of regular customers who have become friends over the years. It’s lovely when we pick up the phone and hear a familiar friendly voice.

July 30th is International Friendship Day so how are you going to celebrate it? Here are some ideas…

Have a friend’s gathering

Get your mates together and do something fun! You could throw a party, or organise a meal out or a trip to the cinema.

Rekindle a lost friendship

Friendships can fade. We move away or we’re just too busy to make the effort to see each other. So why not get in touch with an old friend and rebuild that friendship?

Thank a good friend

You could say thank you to your very best friends with a card, a gift or just a message to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Offer the hand of friendship

It’s a great day for offering friendship to those who may truly appreciate it. If you have an elderly neighbour who lives alone, or you know someone who isn’t able to get out and about much, why not drop round and have a chat. It could mean the world to someone who is lonely.

Spend the day being friendly

Be friendly to everyone you speak to today. Say Good Morning to the people you pass on the street, have a chat with shop assistants or take time out to be friendly to people you don’t know so well at work. You never know, you could make a great new friend!

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