New replacement registrations for Belfast…AGZ

AGZ Registrations

Plates for Belfast, Northern Ireland have recently changed from YFZ to AGZ, and we think this is a much better combination for personalisation. If your name is Aggie, you’ll probably be snapping one up.

All our Northern Ireland plates are dateless, so a new AGZ plate might be just what you’re looking for if you’re thinking about how to disguise the age of an older vehicle. With Irish plates, there’s no indication of the year within the set of numbers and letters on the plate. So keep the neighbours guessing! If your car is in good condition and you’re happy with it, why should you get rid of it just because it’s the oldest car on the street? No, don’t do it. Keep your beloved reliable motor, give it a good shine and polish and treat it to a new AGZ license plate. It will instantly look years younger!

Our dateless Northern Ireland plates are also much cheaper than you might think. You may imagine that it would cost extra to have a special plate from Ireland, and also to own a plate that is dateless, but you’ll be pleased to hear that our Irish plates are also our cheapest plates!

For example, AGZ 5236 is available from us right now for just £40. We have hundreds of AGZ plates for under £100 and plenty in the £40/50 bracket. It really is the cheapest way to hide the age of your car.

Choosing an Irish plate doesn’t mean that your transfer becomes long-winded and complicated. We sell these plates every day, so we know how to transfer them fast and efficiently and so you won’t notice any extended delay. The process is simple and we’re here to help you if have any questions.

You can read more about Irish number plates on our website, and also view our huge selection of dateless plates. Narrow down your search by using our search engine and selecting the ‘Dateless’ option.

All our dateless Irish plates, including the new AGZ plates are available on interest free finance if your order is over £199, however, with prices so cheap, you’ll probably just want to use one of our other payment options such as paying by card or via PayPal.

You can also buy these plates as gifts, and as they’re so affordable they’re becoming very popular for presents. For the price of a video game or a designer t-shirt you can give a gift that is truly unique! Pick out a plate to give, or give one of our gift vouchers so they can have the fun of choosing for themselves!