Eggs-cellent prices on Cheap Number Plates this Easter


Eggscellent Number Plates

Eggscellent Number Plates

You’ll find eggs-actually what you’re looking for at Speedy Reg this Easter, and we’ve got plenty of plates going ‘cheep’.

Easter Eggs are so dull these days, they’re overpriced, they’ll make you put on weight and they’re bad for your teeth. Our personalised plates though are terrific value for money and contain no calories. They are however bad for your teeth and so we do recommend that you don’t chew your license plates.

With prices starting at just £40, you can truly find some Easter bargains in our cheap plates section. This is no Easter sale, we have low, low prices all the time, so don’t worry if you’re not ready to buy a new plate yet. We promise to have some great deals next time you pop along for a browse too!

Don’t forget though, that we offer all our plates on retention certificate, so you can buy your plate now and use it when you’re ready. We offer this service at no extra cost to you.

Whether you’re looking for an investment plate, a dateless plate or a plate with your name on because you’re awesome, we’ve got it all here at Speedy Reg. We have a totally massive selection of plates, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Add to that, our amazing customer service team ready to help you by email or by phone, our 30 plus years in the business and the fact that we have the fastest transfers in the marketplace and you know you’re in for a real Easter treat this year.

If Easter is a costly time for you, if you shell out on hundreds of chocolate eggs for your friends and family and put on an Easter banquet fit for a king, then perhaps cash is a little tight right now, but don’t worry, we also offer an interest finance option, so you can buy your plates now and pay for them later when you’re feeling more flush.

You’ll find more information about this and our other payment options on our website, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Have a wonderful Easter, just don’t eat too much chocolate or you’ll end up egg shaped yourself.