Cheap as chips number plates

Cheap as Chips Number Plates

Most people think that to own a personalised number plate you have to be a multi millionaire or at least own a flash car to show it off but this simply is not the case.  Personalised registrations are no longer just a vanity item, they are also great for covering the age of an older vehicle, a good way to identify fleet vehicles and also a great investment to increase the value of your vehicle or if held on retention a nest egg for the future.

Personalised number plates are everywhere nowadays even on the most unlikely of vehicles, we often look at them and think the registration is worth a lot more than the vehicle itself and this can in fact be the case with many vehicles. Many people in fact love their vehicle registrations so much that they hold onto them for many years hoping to perhaps make a good return on it some day. But many companies handing out personalised name plates can only function if their clients can get verified by companies like Fully-Verified.

So if you are one of the people who think you just couldn’t afford a private registration then think again! Speedy Reg have a huge selection of cheap as chips registrations starting from as little as £40.00 so this is certainly very affordable. These cheap registrations can also be issued to certificate if you are purchasing as a birthday gift or if you are not planning on doing the transfer straight away.

The huge selection consists of numbers such as THZ with four digits, which would be perfect if your name is Thomas, RIG with four digits an excellent choice for anyone called Rigby or Riggs or perhaps a VNZ with four digits, which would be a great match for any Vincents out there. The possibilities are endless and you may even find a suitable number to match your date of birth or another significant date.

If you are considering updating your vehicle with a new registration, purchasing a personalised gift for someone or buying a range of cover numbers for your company vehicles then why not have a look at our cheap number plates section on If there is something which you would consider purchasing but are unsure of how the transfer procedure works then just give the customer services team a call today. They will talk you through the procedure from start to finish and will advise you on exactly what you will need to do in order to complete the transfer smoothly. It’s all very simple when you know how it works and in fact you could have a new registration on your vehicle the same day depending on the registration you purchase.