We have the largest selection of dateless registrations

We have largest selection of dateless registrations

Do you have a classic car or motorbike and want to replace the current registration on the vehicle or perhaps you are restoring an old vehicle and would like a more suitable age related number? Did you know that Irish number plates are all dateless and therefore can be transferred to any age of vehicle? Have you ever noticed how many coach companies and taxi firms have Irish registrations? This is not only to hide or cover the age of vehicle but also makes them easily identifiable on the road and also looks well when all the vehicles are parked up at night, particularly if they are in a running sequence.

You can purchase dateless registrations from as little as £40.00 plus the VAT and DVLA fees so it really is a cost effective way to improve the look of your vehicle or to make your fleet look a little bit more professional.

At Speedy Reg we are always on hand to help so if you have a question regarding how the transfer works or perhaps a question about any of our registrations, no matter how silly you feel the question may be please do lift the phone and give us a call. It often helps to talk directly to someone rather than trying to find the answers for yourself online. It may be a lot more straight forward than you imagined and in fact in most cases transfers are incredibly quick, many of our customers are able to transfer the registration to their vehicle within days or in some cases the same day.

Irish registrations are often the go to registration if you just want something cheap and cheerful to hide the age of your vehicle or if you just fancy a change and don’t like the look of your current registration. Many people who have just purchased a second hand vehicle feel it is better to start fresh with a new registration rather than have people know the year of vehicle they have purchased. It may also be easier to sell a vehicle on with a cover number as it looks good and the only way of telling how old the vehicle is is by actually checking the log book.

If you have been looking through our site and would like to purchase a registration please give us a call or simply order online by paying a small initial deposit and one of our sales team will call you to confirm the order and transfer details.