Number Plates


Finally Christmas is over. For the months leading up to Christmas, all your spare cash seems to go on the festivities doesn’t it? Whether it’s shopping for presents, buying too much food and drink at  the supermarket, or choosing that overpriced real Christmas tree that the family are insisting on, it all costs. Now it’s all over, you can forget about it and move on into 2014; but without all that festive expenditure hopefully you’ll have a little extra cash in your pocket so it’s time to hit the January sales.


It’s not just clothing and electronic stores that have sales you know. We’re having our very own Speedy Reg January sale too, so there’s never been a better time to save money and pick up a cheap personalised plate.  Check out our cheap plates section and you’ll find a hoard of brilliant reductions on some superb plates. Whether you’re looking for a DVLA plate, or a dateless Irish number plate, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.


Ordering your personalised plate is quick and easy, just follow the instructions on our website, or give our customer service team a call.