Kevin Costner’s perfect registration

Kevin Costner blog

It is not unusual for a movie star, pop star or even a Z list celebrity to have a personalised registration as a symbol of status. If fact anyone can have their own private registration these days as they are no longer luxury items which you would spend a fortune on. You can get a Private plate for as little as just over £100 on Speedy Reg’s website, you just need to click the clever search option on the website and select cheap registrations.

Of course if you are rich and famous you have a bit more disposable income than most and can therefore afford to stretch your budget that little bit further. However, in today’s economic climate even the richest people prefer to be careful with their money and they will shop around for the best deals. Hollywood actor Kevin Costner turns 59 today and he will be happy to know that he could get his very own ‘KEV’ registration for just over £1000 including VAT and transfer fees. As an example he could have KEV 898Y, KEV 457V or for just over £2000 he could have KEV 22V or even more perfect C10 KEV.

Remember you don’t have to be a millionaire or a celebrity to own one of these registrations Speedy Reg can offer a buy now pay later option at 0% finance over 1 year so you can have that registration you thought you couldn’t afford by just paying it off over 1 year.