DVLA Personalised Number Plates


It’s never been easier to find your perfect DVLA number plate. Whether you’re looking for a current style plate, or the older prefix style, we make it simple for you at speedyreg.co.uk

If you’re not familiar with our site, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to use. You can search for your new DVLA plate and get results fast.

The search is easy to locate as it’s on the front page of our website – you can’t miss it! Select the type of plate you’re looking for with our Prefix Search or Current Search and you’ll see a drop down menu that lets you select the characters you’d like on your new plate. For more results, leave any characters you’re not fussy about blank as a wild card. For example, if your name is Emily you might like a current style plate starting with the letters E and M. Select these for the first two characters in the search, and leave the rest as ‘Any’. Currently there are 911 plates available starting with EM, so as you can see – there’s plenty of choice!

You’re only given options in the drop down menus that relate to real plates, so any characters you can’t have, simply won’t be available in the list. You can also select a price, so you can set your budget. That will help narrow down your choices as choosing can be a tricky job!