DVLA registrations for Northern Ireland vehicles

DVLA regs

So you have found your perfect registration and you have begun the task of transferring it onto your vehicle but you have hit a snag. What many people in Northern Ireland don’t realise is that by purchasing a DVLA registration they can’t simply transfer it themselves by sending their documents off to Swansea.

Many registration dealers in the UK mainland will refuse to transfer a DVLA registration onto a Northern Ireland or at least will say that they can’t do it but this is not the case. Speedy Registrations being experts in their field, and being based in Northern Ireland, will help you with every stage of the transfer and even if you didn’t buy the registration from them initially they will still accommodate your transfer.

In order to get your GB retention onto your Northern Ireland vehicle it will need to be transferred initially onto a GB mainland vehicle (Speedy Reg can provide the use of one of their GB registered vehicles for this for a set fee) you will then need to pay a second transfer fee of £80, which is payable to the DVA in Northern Ireland. When on their vehicle Speedy Reg will then request your vehicle documents in order to transfer the registration from their vehicle to your vehicle, this final stage will go through DVA.

If you are unsure about how this works or whether your vehicle is suitable (due to age restrictions) you can call the sales team at Speedy Reg as they are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.