Speedyreg’s Number Plates in Bollywood Film

Speedyreg was approached last year to make up number plates that would be used in a Bollywood film , Naachle London. The registration itself is PATEL 3.

The film itself is a feel-good romantic comedy, based on a struggling rock musician called Vijay. He is also a doting father to his young daughter Krishna with whom he lives in a West London council flat.

Rani is a successful single mother juggling a business and an extended family which includes her daughter Jesse, son Amit, widowed father JT and wild child sister Pooja.

Pooja runs the local Bollywood dance class where Vijay and Rani take their children. A top producer announces that Indian Cinema’s biggest star will be searching for a young performer as well as dancers and singers for his new Bollywood blockbuster, with the Competition set to take place at the London Mela.

You will have to watch the film to see what eventually happens in the film and don’t forget to look out for our number plates…