Get out in the sun and wash the car

Car Wash

This glorious weather makes washing the car a joy not a chore. Save money and avoid the car wash, wash it yourself and you’ll get a great finish and plenty of satisfaction. Just don’t forget to put on the sun cream!

Here are some top tips for car washing…

It’s a good idea to wash your car in a shady spot. Too much direct sunlight can dry your car too fast leaving marks, and washing the car in the shade will also help to keep you cool. Car washing can be hot work!

Don’t forget to close all your window and remove or retract your aerial. Pull the windscreen wipers away from the windscreen into an upright position. This will make it easier to clean the windows and you’re less likely to damage your wipers.

Always use a sponge. A brush can leave tiny scratches on your paintwork. However, a brush is ideal for your wheels. Rinse your sponge regularly or you’ll just be moving dirt about rather than removing it.

When you’re washing the windows aim water upwards, not down towards the rubber seals as water can penetrate through small gaps and get inside the car.

Dry your car with old clean towels for a glossy finish.

Photo Credit: By MarkScottAustinTX (Flickr: Bikini Car Wash at Twin Peaks) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons