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Florida banned plates – any rhyme or reason?

As in the UK any number plate deemed to be in any way offensive in Florida is banned, but a recent list of plates banned and those permitted doesn’t seem to show much consistency.

BE NAKED was banned but N8KED was allowed. 2BZ2PEE was not allowed, but PB4WEGO was approved. You could have DEAD MAN but not BAD MTHR, and the rather comical options of PMS MOM, 1 OLDFRT, 2HOT4TV and IPASGAS were all disallowed but JUICY 69, FLNG POO, FAT BUTT and XRATED were all let through the system without issue.  There really doesn’t seem to be a pattern to what is allowed and what isn’t!

Here in the UK we have pretty strict guidelines, the process is all undertaken by a team of real people rather than a computerised system. The human eye is good at spotting a combination of letters and numbers that could represent something potentially offensive such as PE12 VRT (PERVERT) or PA12 EDO (PAEDO). The list of banned plates in the UK covers a wide range of potentially offensive topics. Anything relating to body parts are banned such as VA61 NA, references to drugs, religion, murder or terrorism are all on the DVLA’s banned list.

Photo credit: [le]doo (francis) / Foter.com / CC BY