Lull in Afghan car sales


Afghan Number Plates

Lull in Afghan car sales due to ‘cursed’ number plates

Like the UK, Afghanistan has a number plate system in place with an incremental number included. The latest plates feature the number 39, which would mean very little to us in the UK, but to the Afghans, the number 39 has very negative connotations. The curse of number 39 is thought to be related to an urban legend. A pimp supposedly had the number 39 on his license plate. The legend spread, and now 39 is related to illicit business and immorality. Potential car buyers are worried that sporting this number on their plate will make people think they are linked to the sex trade, a subject that is totally taboo to the Muslim population.

As a result, many new car buyers are putting off their purchases until the number is changed, causing a drop in sales which has affected the car industry. Calls have been made to remove the number from the system, but the authorities say this is impossible and are urging buyers to put aside their thoughts on this number.

Here in the UK there were similar issues when the ‘unlucky for some’ 13 plate was released.