Car number Plates for birthday boy Kevin

Kevin Blog


Prolific TV and film actor Kevin Bacon turns 55 today and what better way to celebrate this milestone than to treat himself to a personalised number plate. The actor who is famous for films such as Footloose, Apollo 13, Tremors and The River Wild has been spending a lot of time in England recently due to his role in the latest EE mobile network advertisement, which sees Kevin getting a spray tan ready for a night out at the ‘Sugar Hut’ as though he is starring in ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

If Kevin plans to spend time with the ‘TOWIE’ crew he would need to get with the programme and get himself a personalised registration just like Amy Childs, who owns WE11 JEL. Speedy Reg have a few suggestions for Kevin such as K400 BAC or KEV 587Y. If your name is also Kevin and you would like to look into getting yourself a personalised registration why not speak to the sales team at Speedy Reg and get yourself a Kev Plate today.