Cheap dateless number plates for Cilla

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Are you looking for a cheap dateless personalised registration to suit your name, surname or nickname? Speedy Reg are market leaders for cheap dateless ‘Irish Registrations’ so you don’t have to worry about age restrictions with these type of numbers. Speedy Reg also have a large selection of these dateless registrations on  retention certificate therefore if you do not currently have a vehicle you can hold the number on certificate by simply renewing each year.

As an example Speedy Reg have a number of CIL registrations held on retention certificate and this particular number is quite an old registration originally from Northern Ireland. The team at Speedy believe this type of number would look great on a classic car, as this would make the plate  look really authentic. If your name is Pricilla or Cilla for short a CIL registration would be perfect for you. Why not give the team at Speedy a call to discuss your options?