More reasons to buy a Number Plate

Number Plates

More reasons to buy a Personalised Number Plate

Have you ever considered a personalised number plate? Have you dismissed the idea thinking they’ll be too expensive? Well before you give up on the idea, take a look at the cheap personalised number plates available from Speedy Reg. We think you’ll be surprised at the bargains we have on offer.

We have a cheap number plates section on our website, jam packed with reductions. We also have some fabulous cheap Irish number plates, they’re a really good deal. They’re great looking and they’re dateless too. Perfect if you’re looking for a plate that will hide the age of your older vehicle.

It’s very easy to find your perfect plate on the Speedy Reg website. We’ve got a great search facility that’s so simple to use. As we have literally thousands of plates available, we know you’re spoilt for choice and so we make it easy for you to narrow down these choices. Give it a go and see what results you get. Whether you’re looking for a plate with your name on, a plate to help advertise your business, or the perfect gift for friends and family, you’ll find just what you need at Speedy Reg. Ordering and paying for your new plate is easy too. We offer a wide range of payment options including interest free finance.

Photo credit: By Obsidian Soul (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons