Cheap Number Plates for Gemma

Gemma Blog


It can sometimes be difficult to find a cheap number plate to suit your name, particularly if you have quite a popular name. Speedy Reg have a huge selection of personalised registrations to suit most names. If your name is Jemma or Gemma Speedy Reg have many GEM registrations such as AD02 GEM or if you spell your name Jemma you could go for JEM 777A.

The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins is going places at the moment with her new plus size fashion range, new plus size boutique, countless magazine and newspaper columns, TV slots and of course her appearances in TOWIE. She may eventually go in the direction if former TOWIE personalities Amy Childs and Mark Wright and set up on her own. Now that she has her new fashion range she may also be in the market for a personalised registration for her vehicle. Speedy Reg can suggest CO11 GEM, which she can transfer on to a brand new vehicle or a vehicle registered after 2011.