Private number plates worth more?

Number Plates

The more desirable a private number plate, the greater the value will be. Private plates usually retain their value and often increase in value over time so they’re a good investment, but it’s interesting to look at what type of private number plates command the highest prices.

The factor that will make a plate the most valuable of all is if it contains a surname. The more common the surname, generally the more valuable the plate as more people will want it.

The next most valuable factor you can have in a plate is a first name. Again, generally the more popular the name, the more popular the plate.

The shorter the plate, the more valuable it is. Short plates simply look cool; they have that personalised look that stands out and so people are prepared to pay a premium for a shorter length plate. A plate that starts with the number 1 adds quite a bit of extra value to a plate.  Plates starting with an S tend to be more expensive than those starting with any other letter, oppositely plates starting with an F tend to be the lowest value.

Photo Credit: By Hussein Afzal [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons