Bets are on for the Royal Baby name

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The world waited with baited breath for the birth of the royal baby and although many believed it would be a girl the news that a healthy baby boy arrived safely at 4.24 pm yesterday afternoon was met with great celebration.

The world has gone royal baby crazy with news reporters from all over the world camping outside the hospital to receive the news and now waiting to get the first photograph of the new family on the steps of St. Mary’s hospital.

The newborn has yet to be named however the bookies are taking bets with the favourite being George, which would have been the babies Great Great grandfather. Other favourite names are James, John and Alexander with Henry also being an outside favourite.

The Speedy Reg team all have their own ideas on names and have selected a number of personalised registrations to suit for example George could have GEO 26E, Alexander could have 799 ALX, James could have JAM 355H or John could have JOH 8N.

The nation now waits to find out the choice of name.