DEB 7H,  New Debbie number plates available


If you’re a Deb, Debbie, Debs or Deborah we’ve now got some brilliant plates just for you! Type DEB into our search engine and you’ll see so many options to choose from. 78 DEB, DEB 7H, DEB 28V, R25 DEB and AF03 DEB are just a small selection of the DEB plates we have available to buy right now.

We’ve also got some great low prices so you don’t have to be rich and famous like Debbie Harry to afford a DEB plate. If you’re not a Debbie yourself, but perhaps have a loved one with this name, then a DEB plate makes a fantastic gift. For a birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day or a special anniversary, a personalised plate will certainly put a smile on the face of any Debbie!

Of course if you’re not a Debbie, there’s no need to miss out. We do have some amazing plates for Debbies as you’ve seen, but we also have some fantastic plates for ladies with other names too. Type your own name, or that of your favourite lady into our search engine and you can see this for yourself. Here are some examples of the great girls name private plates we have available right now:

SUE 1C or 88 SUE for Sue

JIL 545 or JIL 165 for Jill

964 SAL or 54 LLY for Sally

EE13 MMA or L13 MMA for Emma

E77 AND or AND 77S for Andrea

KAT 666Y for Katy

T2 UCY for Lucy

EM12 LYS for Emily

ROS 6 for Rose

ELL 2N for Ellen

349 VAL or VAL 406 for Valerie

MAG 33E for Maggie

SAR 44A or SAR 4M for Sarah

J55 UDY for Judy

466 BET or C11 BET for Betty

SAM 23 or B166 SAM for Samantha

F12 FLO for Florence

ELA 444N for Elaine

TAM 111E for Tammie

All these plates were available at the time of writing, but don’t forget, every plate is a one off so if you see your perfect plate, then it’s wise to reserve it straight away before someone else with your name gets it!  We have so many plates we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for, but if you get stuck then please do give us a call or email us and we’ll get right back to you.