Do you Know What your Name Means?

Unique Names Day - Speedyreg
Unique Names Day – Speedyreg

Today is Unique Names Day. Do you have an unusual name? Did your parents decide that Sky-flower Moonwombat Trixipickle was just perfect for you? Alanda here at Speedy Reg certainly has a unique name. She’s named after her Uncle Alan, and ‘da’ was added to make it more feminine. I think that would work for a lot of names, Martinda, Johnda, Leoda, Evanda, it could be a new trend!

Or do you have an ordinary name? One of those names where you end up being called ‘Big Dave’ or ‘Builder John’ to differentiate you from Little Dave or Chef John? Either way, it’s interesting to find out what your name means and to see if your personality matches up! Perhaps your name has actually shaped your personality subconsciously, or maybe it’s just a bit of fun. We’ve picked out a few more common names and their meanings, and of course we’ve also selected some number plates you might like to buy if you have that name. They’re all available from Speedy Reg right now so give us a call if you’d like any of them.


Emma knows what she wants and is full of confidence. She has a tendency to be rather bossy and likes to get her own way. Watch out for her temper too, it can flare up with very little warning!

Our top pick plate for Emma: EMM 3Y


Norris is calm and reserved, he may be shy and can come across as a bit aloof. While they may lack confidence, you can rely on Norris to be honest and reliable.

Our top pick plate for Norris: NOR 11S


Susan finds it easy to inspire others and to help others see the truth, so if there’s an argument to settle, Sue will be able to calm the situation.

Our top pick plate for Susan: SUE 805S


Oscar is a caring individual with a lot of patience. Oscars are easy to get along with and tend to be nature lovers.

Our top pick plate for Oscar: OSC 412S


Eve hates to be bored and if life is getting a little dull, she’ll certainly go out of her way to make it more interesting. Eve isn’t scared of anything and loves to travel, exploring exciting new destinations.

Our top pick plate for Eve: EVE 383


Artistic and cheerful, Joe is rarely down in the dumps making him great company. He’ll be funny and charming yet also spontaneous, so he’s never short of friends to whom he’s loyal and loving.

Our top pick plate for Joe: 411 JOE


Helens have the skill and motivation to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. They’re very good at directing others and seeing the bigger picture without overlooking the details making them very good in the business world.

Our top pick plate for Helen: HEL 311C