World Book Day 2020 – What are you Reading?

World Book Day 2020 – Speedyreg

World Book Day was invented by UNESCO back in 1995, with the aim of bringing the love of reading to children worldwide in a huge celebration of books. Getting kids interested in reading is so important. Reading of course is an essential skill, and kids that read well at a young age are likely to perform well throughout their school years. But also, reading is very good for the mind. When you are able to escape into a good book, you can forget your troubles, you can have an adventure, you can be somewhere else in an instance.

Reading is good for our mental health

Stress is an increasingly common problem with children, and reading can be a good coping mechanism, a distraction from the worry of that dreaded maths lesson in the morning, or simply a place to escape to when we’re having a bad day. A love of books is something we carry with us all our life so if your children aren’t big readers, take this opportunity to start them on the journey into a million other worlds with some good books.

Which book will your kids choose?

School kids will be getting a token from their schools to swap either for one of the 12 special world book day books, or as a £1 discount on any book priced at £2.99 or over. There’s always a great selection of books available for £1 and this year is no exception.

£1 World Book Day Books 2020 List

This year you can take your pick from…

Bing’s Splashy story

Supertato: Books Are Rubbish!

Evie in the Jungle

Dog Man Three Stories in One

Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang

The Day we Met the Queen

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

The Case of the Drowned Pearl

Alex Rider Undercover – Four Secret Files

My Awesome Guide to Getting Good at Stuff


The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!

The perfect personalised plates for book lovers

Book lovers can celebrate their love of reading with a personalised number plate of their favourite book or author. You could even have a World Book Day plate and we’ve got the best one ever for you available right now… 1 WBD.  Love Gothic horror? How about a POE plate such as POE 7S or  R37 POE?  Love fantasy novels? Then how about a Lord of the Rings plate, for instance 1 LOR, or a Game of Thrones plate such as 611 GOT. We’ve got some brilliant Emma plates for Jane Austen fans including EMM 4P, EMM 4H and EMM 4R. Whatever your genre, try searching for authors and book titles on our site and see what gems you can find!