Get comfortable and relax with a good book

It’s Read a Book Day today so why not join in and lose yourself in a book? There’s so much entertainment out there these days, we spend our time browsing the Internet, playing video games and posting on Facebook. When it comes to TV there are so many choices, you’re never short of a series or film to watch nowadays, books seem to have been pushed out a little, but there’s something so special about reading. You can totally immerse yourself in a book, when it’s all left to your own imagination and the skill of the author. You can’t beat disappearing into another world for while!

Rekindle a love of reading

If you haven’t read a book in a while, now is a great time to remind yourself just how much you love reading. Why not treat yourself to a new book? You could pick up the latest best-seller, or how about searching the shelves of your local charity shop for that hidden gem, and help a good cause at the same time?

Get others involved

Reading is a great solitary pastime, but it’s also fun to share your love of books. Sometimes you read a book and just want to talk about it! You could start up a book club so you can discuss your latest reads with your friends. If you have young children, reading to them is a great way to give them a head start in life. From fun stories, to factual, educational titles, there are plenty out there. Joining a library is the perfect way to devour lots of new books without having to spend money on them too.

Private plates for book lovers

We all have our favourite books, so why not search for a private plate that represents your all time best book or author? Harry Potter fans could have a HP plate such as 2968 HP or 679 HP. Or even HAR 77Y. If you have two cars in your household, you could have POT 753S for your other car, you’ll just have to remember to park them the right way around!

Jane Austen fans might like EMM 4P, or if you love the Brontes than how about 29 YRE? If your favourite book is Catch 22 then we’ve got a brilliant plate for you… 22 CAT. So why not put that imagination to good use and search for your ideal book plate?