What Will You Be Reading on September 6th?

September 6th is Read A Book Day! So turn off the TV, forget the housework, put your feet up and lose yourself in a good book.

There really is a book for everyone so there’s no excuse to not join in and get reading this Wednesday.

Perhaps you’re a fan of fantasy, or maybe you’d prefer to read a Haynes manual?

Why not treat yourself to a new book especially for Read A Book Day?

As we’re all motoring mad here, we’ve picked out some great recent releases that certainly look worth a read.  How about picking up one of these for Read A Book Day? I fancy so many of these I think it’s going to turn into Read A Book Month!

How about the fascinating story of Elspeth Beard? The first woman to ride solo around the world on a motorbike? Her autobiography is called Lone Rider and it sounds fascinating. She upped and left London, her studies, her friends and family and spent two and half years riding her 1974 BMW 560/6 35,000 miles around the world.

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Or what about picking up a copy of Guy Martin’s Worms to Catch? It was only released in May this year and is already a Number 1 Bestseller. There’s something very likeable about Guy Martin, and if you like him on the TV, you’ll like his books too. They read as if he’s talking to you directly. This is his third book so you could buy the whole set while you’re at it!

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If you’ve an interest in Formula One but feel as if you’re read everything there is to read on the subject, then how about Williams: A Different Kind of Life by Virginia Williams? Virginia is the wife of Frank Williams. In this book she talks frankly, but with humour about her life with Frank and the tragic accident which left him a quadriplegic when he was at the height of his career.

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Or perhaps you’d like a book that could potentially change your life? Fed up with your job? Feel it’s time to do something more fulfilling? Then why not pick up a copy of How To Get A Job In Grand Prix Racing: The startline for a career in motorsport?

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Of course not everyone is a bookworm, but even if you’re not a big reader, you don’t have to miss out on Read A Book Day. No, instead you can get yourself a copy of Art of the Race featuring the stunning photography of Darren Heath. More pictures, less words! Perfect.

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