It’s National Video Games on September 12th!

The video games industry is huge. People just love to play games, and there’s a game to suit everyone. The gaming industry has proven to be one of the few industries that has been ever-expanding. So vast has it become now that you can even buy league of legends accounts off the net. From totally immersive virtual reality titles to casual many a Silkroad Online server out there you can play for ten minutes on in your lunch break. The world of video games has certainly come a long way since the days of Pong, Pacman and Space Invaders. It’s interesting though, that when you revisit some of these retro games, even though the graphics are incredibly basic, the games are still great fun to play.
So if you’re a video game fan, why not celebrate National Video Games Day by getting your mates round for a retro gaming session? Search your loft for an old SNES or Mega Drive or maybe even an Atari 2700.

If you’ve got kids that love their games, they may never even have seen these classic gaming systems before. Will they get hooked or will it all be just too old fashioned for them? It’ll be interesting to find out.

Here at Speedy Reg we love car racing games. There have been many over the years that are certainly worth a mention, and a revisit on National Video Games Day. Do you like realistic racing games, or something rather more fantastical?

Pretty much everyone loves Mario Kart don’t they? There’s something so satisfying by throwing a red shell at your friend and then whizzing past them, possibly yelling ‘LOSER’ as you overtake at high speed. Or is that just me? Mario Kart has been a huge success over the decades and there have been many incarnations. What I love about Mario Kart, is that when you buy a brand new game for the latest console, you still get to play some of the old tracks, albeit in a new and improved format. Playing SNES Rainbow Road or Gamecube Luigi’s Mansion tracks certainly bring back the memories.

Staying with the SNES, you certainly can’t forget F-Zero. It was one of the first titles released when the SNES launched and it was amazing, at the time. The graphics, which made good use of the SNESs innovative Mode-7 were breathtaking. Or how about a few games of Wipeout on the Playstation? The soundtrack featuring bands such as Orbital, Leftfield and The Chemical Brothers made this game extra thrilling. We have the perfect number plates such as:

‘NES’ (Nintendo) : N26 NES

‘PS4’, ‘PSX’ (Playstation): P15 PSX

‘GB’ (GameBoy): GB51 BGB

‘XBX’ (Xbox): X4 XBX

‘SMB’ (Super Mario Bros): N29 SMB

For something more realistic, how about Ridge Racer? A hit in the arcades it was no surprise that it would soon reach our home games consoles. There are plenty more to choose from too. There’s the Forza series, the F1 series of games and of course Gran Turismo.

So have we inspired you to make the most of National Video Game Day? Whether you’re playing the latest titles or taking a trip back through gaming memory lane, have a fab fun filled day!