Calling all C Molloys – we have your Perfect Private Plates… CMO 110Y

C Molloy

Molloy is an Irish surname that means ‘proud chieftain’. If it’s your surname, then it’s certainly one to be proud of. If you’re proud of your surname, then you’ll want to let the world know, and what better way than with a personalised license plate? Sometimes we look at our plates and think there’s the perfect person out there for that particular one, and that’s what’s inspired our blog post for today. We want to find the perfect home for CMO 110Y. So if you’re a Chris Molloy or a Carol Molloy, we’d love to do you a great deal on your ideal plate. Or perhaps you know a C Molloy? Do them a favour and send them a link to this blog or tell them to pop their name into our search engine. Can you help us match our CMO 110Y plate with a C Molloy? Check your Facebook friends list, check your Google+ circles and let’s get in touch with C Molloys in the market for the best plate in the world for them!

Perhaps though, you are actually C Molloy. Maybe you’ve been bored at work and decided to put your name into Google and found this page? Well done you! If you’d like to enquire about this great plate that’s just for you, all you need to do is pop ‘c molloy’ into our search engine that you’ll find on the homepage of our website at You don’t need to type in the exact registration plate as our search engine is very clever and will find it for you. It’ll also suggest various other plates that you might like too. You can then buy it, we offer a wide range of payment options including PayPal and interest free finance, or you can simply click the ‘Enquire’ button if you’d like to know more about buying private plates before you commit.

If you’re interested in this plate but don’t have a vehicle to transfer it to right now, that’s no problem at all as we can transfer this, or any other plate you choose straight onto a retention certificate, ready to be transferred when it’s convenient for you.