All Eyes to the Future at the Connected Cars Summit

Speedyreg - Connected Car Summitt 2019
Speedyreg – Connected Car Summitt 2019

In our modern world, we’re becoming increasingly connected. As individuals, we tend to have our mobile devices close at hand nearly all the time. These days we think nothing of chatting with a relative who lives at the other side of the world, or playing Scrabble with someone across the Atlantic. We’ve got used to being able to order our shopping from our laptop while in our pyjamas, paying our bills without having to leave our home and checking out heart rate with a glance at our smart watch. When you think about how much the world has changed over the last couple of decades, it’s quite mind-blowing and this rate of development is certainly not slowing down. More and more everyday household items are becoming connected, with a wide range of extra features available due to that connectivity.

Smart TVs are nothing new any more, opening up a wealth of programming you can watch whenever you want. Virtual assistants can be told to play our favourite music, help with a recipe suggestion and remind us of our appointments. You can even buy refrigerators that will automatically add food items to your shopping list when you’re running low. So it’s no surprise that our vehicles are also becoming increasingly connected, allowing communication with other systems outside of the car to bring even more functionality to our vehicles.

This is big business now, and will be increasingly so in the future, so the Connected Cars Summit brings together key industry stakeholders and the elite of the industry to discuss the future, identify and solve issues and improve the performance and the efficiency of connected cars.

Connected Car Summit 2019 – the details

The Connected Car Summit this year takes place in London on 27th and 28th November, offering a fantastic opportunity for industry experts to network and exchange views. There will many prestigious speakers sharing their knowledge too, including Peter Virk, Director of Connected Car & Future Technology at Jaguar Land Rover, Elliot Messenger, Connected Car Digital Integration Manager for Bentley Motors, Ric Viacari, Head of Telematics Services Sales at Vodafone and Jyoti Bashin, Head of Product for Huawei.

The key topics for the 2019 Summit include:

  • Placing the customer in the driver’s seat: a customer oriented delivery of connected car services
  • In depth outlook into the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it’s impact in the connected car industry
  • From silicon to mobility: disruption in classic automotive electronics
  • In search for best infrastructure-related solutions
  • Exploring relationships between connected cars and the Internet of Things
  • Making the most of smart mobility advancements
  • Exploring the latest autonomous vehicle innovations
  • Analysing telematics advantages for insurance providers
  • Connected Electric Vehicles