Splash out this summer new private plates

Number Plates

Here at Speedy Reg we love summer! We love the warm weather, you don’t have to wrap yourself up like an Eskimo in dozens of layers of clothes, your hair doesn’t get ruined the second you step outside the door, the birds are singing, the flowers are in full bloom. Wonderful! Or that’s the theory anyway, you can’t always depend on the British summer weather, but at least we’ve got a fighting chance of having a little sunshine.

What we also love about summer, is that it gives us a chance to show off our private plates. We love our plates, so any chance to get out driving , to turn heads and feel proud of our plates, well we take it. Whether we’re going on holiday, or just having a day trip out to a local beauty spot, a private plate is the perfect accessory for your journey.

If you don’t already have a private plate, why not splash out on one this summer, it’ll be the icing on the cake of your good summer mood! We’ve got plates for everyone, for all tastes and all budgets, you may be surprised how many great plates we have for under £99. You can choose your plate via our website, or give us a call if you’d like any more information about buying a personalised plate, we’re always happy to hear from you!

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net