Sizzling deals on Private Number Plates this summer


Well we’ve had our first few days of sunshine! Isn’t it a relief! Winter gets so depressing after a while, once the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over it seems like it takes forever for the weather to change and become more pleasant and bearable. Hopefully soon we’ll have some more fantastic weather, we can fire up the barbecue and leave the house without having to wear ten layers of clothes. Bliss!

Summer is a great time to treat yourself to a new private number plate. It’s the time of year when you’re most likely to be out in the car, off on a trip to the seaside or a local country park. Getting out and about is great fun when the weather is warm, but it’s more fun if you have a cool new registration plate to show off!

We’ve started adding in our super sizzling summer deals to our massive database of plates. Check out our cheap plates page for our latest deals. This page is updated regularly so do keep checking back. We must warn you though, these cheap plates with massive reductions on the prices are often snapped up quick, well everyone loves a bargain don’t they? So if you spot one you like, you’d be wise to order it quickly before someone else does.

We always process orders fast, so if you order your plate soon, you’ll have it transferred and on your car in plenty of time to make the most of it all summer long. We have thousands of plates available, so we’re sure you’ll find something that’s just right for you and your family to enjoy during the upcoming heatwave (fingers crossed we get one!)

If summer is an expensive time for you, perhaps you’re going on holiday, or you know the kids will be costing you a fortune over the summer holidays, then don’t forget we have a finance option, so you can spread the payments over the year rather than having to pay it all in one lump sum. The great thing about our finance plan is that it’s totally interest free, so it doesn’t cost you any extra to take advantage of it. If this sounds of interest to you, then simply select the finance option at the checkout, or give us a call if you’d like any more information.

If summer is your favourite season, we also have lots of great SUN plates available to suit any budget. If you really want to make a splash this summer, then how about SUN 111? This hot plate could be yours for a cool £30,250, or if perhaps you’d like something a little cheaper, then no worries, we also have AD02 SUN for just £199! We have literally hundreds of other SUN plates are this super low price, so do take a look! Searching for your new plate is a great way to while away the evenings until the sun comes out.