MAY DAY Bank Holiday Number Plates


May, named after the Greek goddess Maia, is a lovely month don’t you think? It’s the time of year when we can finally say goodbye to winter and hello to some sunny summer weather. April hints at nice weather, but then your plans are ruined by those pesky April showers! In May though, your chances of fine weather are much higher, and you might even get lucky and have some days of scorching sun. The flowers start to bloom and the leaves are back on the trees making the garden look lush and lovely! Yes, May is a splendid month indeed, and not only do we get some better weather, but we’re treated to not one but two bank holidays! Two whole days off in May  – fabulous!

How do you like to spend your bank holidays? Perhaps you like to laze around the house and do as little as possible, or maybe you’ve got a DIY project you’re keen to get on with during your long weekend. Or, maybe you’ll make the most of your time off and spend it with the family having a fun day out. A trip to the seaside, a day at a theme park, or a picnic in a beauty spot are all perfect things to do in May. If you’re travelling in the car, it’s always more fun to travel with a private plate proudly displayed, and if you’re feeling in the May spirit, we’ve got some fantastic MAY plates available such as M47 MAY, MAY 1K, R21 MAY and AC04 MAY. These MAY plates would also make a fantastic gift for anyone born in MAY, you could even add in their date of birth, for instance, my birthday is on May 24th and I’d be thrilled if someone treated me to R24 MAY, much much better than a box of chocolates or some smellies! Trust me, private plates are a gift that people actually appreciate!

Of course there are some people for whom a MAY plate is even more perfect, and that is people whose surname is May! We’ve got so many great MAY plates to suit any budget, so if Brian May or James May fancy a new plate, we’ll have something just right for them.

If we’ve convinced you that a MAY plate is just what you need, then just put the word MAY into our search box that you’ll find at the top of our home at and you’ll see a huge list of all the MAY plates we have available right now. Take a look, we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for! When you’ve made your choice, just click on BUY NOW and we’ll take it from there, you’ll have your plates ready to enjoy for the rest of May and beyond! If you have any questions about our MAY plates, or any other plates, then do call us on 02866 387124 or simply drop us an email to

Enjoy your May bank holidays!