Relax! It’s the May Day Bank Holiday!

I love May, it’s a great month. You usually get some sunny weather, and after all those cold months I  really appreciate it. You can sit outside and eat barbecued food. Yummy! The other great thing about May is the bank holidays. A whole extra day off work. Brilliant!

May Day is an ancient celebration of the first day of summer. Many places still celebrate May Day with maypole dances and the crowning of the May Queen. One tradition that’s been sadly lost to time was the leaving of May baskets. These were baskets of sweets or flowers that would be left anonymously on the doorstep of neighbours. I think that’s a really lovely idea, although these days if I found a mysterious gift on my doorstep I’d be more likely to think I’ve got a stalker and call the police!

Have you got any May Day plans? Will you be dancing around the maypole, or just having a lie in instead? Maybe you’ll take advantage of the long weekend to get on with a project, perhaps that redecorating you’ve been putting off? Of course it’s also a great time to get busy in the garden and get it weed free ready for the summer!

We’ve got lots of MAY plates available. Maybe your birthday is in May or May is your surname or first name? Or perhaps you just love May because it marks the onset of the summer months? Whatever your reasons, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Just type MAY into our search box and you’ll find some fab plates such as 55 MAY, 66 MAY, MAY 1B, N24 MAY and many more.

Having a plate that represents your birth month is a great idea and we’ve got plates to suit all the other months too…

January – 99 JAN or JAN 6S

February – D4 FEB or J44 FEB

March –  MAR 6H

April – E16 APR or AP03 APR

June – B12 JUN or AU04 JUN

July – J9 JUL or R26 JUL

August – D5 AUG or E1 AUG

September – P4 SEP or F19 SEP

October – OCT 546 or F20 OCT

November – NOV 8A or R6 NOV

December – DEC 9S or DEC 80Y