Happy National Receptionists Day!

At the forefront of every great business you’ll usually find an amazing receptionist. Receptionists can be taken for granted and may not get the credit and recognition they deserve. However, a receptionist really can make or break a business.

Your receptionist is often the first point of contact for anyone getting in touch with your business. A potential customer may walk in off the street, or they may call or send an email. It’s this first impression that can make someone use your services or buy your product, or go elsewhere.
A good receptionist is worth his or her weight in gold. So now it’s time to show them how important you think they are to your business. It’s National Receptionists Day! So celebrate it by rewarding your receptionists with a treat. Give them a bonus, buy them flowers or a box of chocolates, give them a day off. Or simply tell them that they do an amazing job and you really appreciate their hard work.

Our National Receptionists Day plates are available at a super low price of £199. Choose from N33 NRD, N444 NRD, N600 NRD and many more at this same great low price. They’d make a great reward for any hard working receptionist and at these prices they really are affordable.

Private plates make a really unique corporate reward for your workforce. Our prices start at just £40 so they work well as a reward for employee of the year or for a long term service reward. You could offer a plate that represents your business name or sector or perhaps personalise a plate with their own name. Our intuitive search engine will help you get plenty of inspiration. Or you could simply order gift certificates so the recipient can choose their own personalised registration plate.

Our gift certificates are very simple to order, you simply fill out your details, choose an amount for your voucher and then print it out, immediately. As there is no wait, they are ideal for last minute gifts. You can then simply tuck the voucher into a card or envelope and present it. The recipient can then choose their plate at their leisure. They can make up the value if they want a plate that costs more than the voucher value, that’s no problem at all. When they have chosen their plate, only then do we request the payment from yourself.

However you decide to reward your receptionists, with a private plate or just with a cup of coffee, do make an effort and do a good turn for these amazing people who keep our businesses running smoothly!

Happy National Receptionists Day!

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