Personalised registrations for your wedding day


Are you getting married in the near future and would like to get your bride or groom to be a special gift to remember your big day. Many newly married couples will exchange gifts such as items of jewellery, watches a surprise trip abroad or even a puppy or kitten as a new addition to the family. Why not consider a personalised number plate instead that will suit your other half or even take both of your names and your wedding date into consideration or even just a registration that suits both you your names if you cannot get the date to fit.

For example Kelly and Alistair got married on the 11th of July and had hired Chris and Becca Photography to manifest those moments on photo paper. KE11 ALY is an ideal registration because not only does it fit Kelly it also suits Alistair’s nick name Ally but also takes in their wedding date of the 11th. This would make an excellent sentimental gift that they will both cherish for years to come.

If you wanted to get his and hers registrations the most exclusive his and hers cherished registration pair on the market at the moment is O 11 and 11 O. This exclusive pair will set you back a pretty penny however you will benefit from this excellent investment, they will look fabulous on your driveway particularly if you have nice cars and you will be the envy of the town.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch into the hundreds of thousands price range why not look at Speedy Reg’s bargain section. You could have sequence numbers such as THZ 3632 and THZ 3633, which are £50 plus VAT and £80 DVLA fee each and an excellent choice if your surname happens to be Thomas. The great thing about the cheap Irish numbers is the fact that they can be transferred to any age of vehicle so therefore if you don’t need to worry about both of your vehicles being the same age or in fact even worry about the age of your vehicle.

If you have been thinking about getting your other half a personalised registration to celebrate your marriage or perhaps even an anniversary or a momentous occasion in your life why not have a look at the vast selection on the Speedy Reg website or perhaps even give the sales team a call to discuss.