Hot summer number plates


We are not having the weather we should be for this time of year and rather than sporting a nice tan most of us are sporting a runny nose from the cold. Not everyone can afford a trip to the sun and if this is the case you should not let this spoil your chances of treating and enjoying yourself at home. You shouldn’t let the awful weather stop you from getting out and about in the UK. Check out your local area or further afield, visit some of our beautiful scenery, old country houses or go for a day trip with some friends.

Instead of that trip abroad why not consider treating yourself to a nice registration for your vehicle. Speedy Reg have bargain registrations starting from as little as £40 plus the fees and this will be on your vehicle in as little as two weeks. This will make driving around your local area that little bit more enjoyable for you, it will get you noticed and will make you feel like a bit of a celebrity.

If you have just come back from holidays and are feeling a little down in the dumps especially returning to this miserable weather it often helps to have things to look forward to so why not plan some little getaways or treat yourself to a shopping trip. Why not update your tired vehicle with a nice new personalised registration. As well as the bargain section from just £40 Speedy Reg offer DVLA style registrations from just £199 +VAT + DVLA Fees. If you have been struggling to find something to suit why not give the sales team a call. They may be able to come up with come suggestions for you to either suit your name, initials or nickname.

If you can’t find a name related registration why not opt for a novelty registration such as a HOT summer plate. The HOT current style registrations are very popular with celebrities such as Katie Price who has KP11 HOT on her pink Range Rover. Depending on your age of vehicle you could have your own initials at the beginning or even your name. For example if you name is Abbie you could have AB13 HOT or if you also have the initials KP why not opt for your lucky number or your date of birth. Remember though you would have to take your age of vehicle into account, for example if your vehicle was registered in 2007 you couldn’t assign KP10 HOT as this would make your vehicle appear younger than it is and this would be against DVLA regulations.

If you are on the hunt for a hot new summer registration why not give us a call to discuss your options.