Get a hot registration for the summer



Are you enjoying the heatwave that we are having here in the UK at the moment? The sun always puts people in a good mood and we always seem to be a lot more easy going when the weather is fine. If you are a fan of the heat and are feeling hot, hot, hot why not consider a hot registration.

The HOT current style registrations are very popular at the moment particularly with celebrities such as Katie Price who has KP11 HOT on her pink Range Rover. Depending on your age of vehicle you could have your own initials at the beginning or even your name. For example if you name is Abbie you could have AB13 HOT or if you also have the initials KP why not opt for your lucky number or your date of birth. Remember though you would have to take your age of vehicle into account, for example if your vehicle was registered in 2007 you couldn’t assign KP10 HOT as this would make your vehicle appear younger than it is and this would be against DVLA regulations.

If you are on the hunt for a HOT registration why not give us a call to discuss your options.