How to avoid buying a stolen car


Imagine the shock of finding out the car you’ve just spent all your hard earned savings on is actually stolen! It’s a horrible thought, but it’s something that happens quite frequently, so it’s wise to be aware that criminals do try to sell on stolen cars and to keep your wits about you whenever you’re buying a used car, and if this happens immediately hire  criminal lawyers to help you out.

Always view a car at the owners home. Of course you can’t assume that a person with a car outside a house actually lives in that house, but it’s more conspicuous than a car park or a lay-by. If someone arranges to meet you regarding a car in a place like this, alarm bells should ring. You should also be very wary if the car seems to be a really good bargain. Check the going rate for that make and model, and if it seems too good to be true, be very cautious.

Insist on seeing a V5C registration document and check that the person selling the car to you is the same person listed on the document. Ask to see their ID. If it doesn’t tally, or they can’t produce the document do not buy the car!

To be certain, you can use the online checking service offered by the AA. This is a paid for service and costs £20.50 at the time of writing. They will check that the car you’re looking at hasn’t been reported stolen, hasn’t been written off and doesn’t have any outstanding loans on it. The service comes with a guarantee, so if you’re looking for peace of mind it might be a small price to pay.

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