Celebrities and their personalised number plates..


It’s no secret that the celebs love their private number plates! These days, it’s not just the rich and famous that can afford private plates, they’re becoming far more popular with the general public than ever before, but they will always be the vehicular accessory of choice for anyone in the public eye. Musicians, actors, and those people who are famous and no one really knows why, will always crave for the best, most exclusive plates.

We love to read about the latest celebrity number plate acquisition. Apt, or funny, it’s always interesting to see what these people choose, especially when money often isn’t an issue so they can really splash out on something truly spectacular.

Over the years there have been many that have stuck in our minds. After a long conversation in the Speedy Reg offices, we’ve come up with plenty that we’ve remembered between us. Here’s a selection of our faves. Have a read and let us know which is your favourite!

Lord Sugar has AMS 1 – AMS standing for his computer company Amstrad. Vinnie Jones has his initials on his plate – 100 VJ. Paul Daniels has a perfectly apt plate – MAG 1C. Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck also went down a similar path with the plate COM 1C. Ian Botham has been known by the nickname ‘Beefy’ for decades, and he obviously likes it as he bought the plate B33 FYS.  Another nickname inspired plate is that of Phil Tufnell. He was known for napping in changing rooms and nicknamed The Cat for his cat nap habit. He subsequently picked up the plate BE57 CAT.  Sir Stirling Moss does seem fond of his private plates, owning both 7 SM and SM 7. He’s had them both since the 1960s, and we can only guess at how much they’d make if they were sold today! Runner Ian Thomas loves running so much he’s got R400 RUN as his plate.

Have you spotted any great celeb plates lately? We’d love to hear from you if you have!