What are the advantages of owning a personalised number plate?

Advantages of owning a personalised number plate

Why would you want a personalised number plate? What benefit would it be to you? People buy private plates for a whole host of reasons, and you’ll probably find that you’ll benefit in more ways than one by opting for a personalised plate…

A sound investment

Private plates are a great way to invest your money. If you’re a cautious investor, then private plates will not give you sleepless nights in the way shares might. You don’t have to worry that they’ll plummet in value overnight. Plates nearly always keep their value, and they often increase in value. Of course you also get to enjoy them while you’ve got them. You don’t get that much fun from shuffling your share certificates.

A cheap and fun way to advertise

If you run your own business, a private plate is a really good way to advertise. You’re spreading the word wherever you go in your vehicle, whether you’re out on business, or you’re simply popping to the shops.  With our prices starting from just £40, that’s less than advertising in the local paper, and of course, a print advert only lasts as long as that issue is current. That could be one day, or if you’re lucky, a few weeks. A private plate can be advertising your business on a daily basis, forever! Pick something that represents your business and people will notice, it will amuse and it will get your business talked about.

Putting your personality across

You’re not a boring person, so why should you have a boring number plate? Whether you want to shout your name out, make a statement or just make people laugh, a private plate makes you stand out from the crowd. You’re unique, so pick a plate that is perfect for you!

Hiding the age of your vehicle

Many people with an older vehicle don’t really like advertising the fact, and with a standard number plate, you’re doing just that. Everyone can tell at a glance how old your car is. That annoying neighbour who always keeps one step ahead of you can sneer no longer if you get a dateless plate as they simply will not be able to work out the age of your car. We have a massive selection of dateless plates available. Simply select ‘Dateless Search’ on our website and you’ll be shown only those plates that are dateless. We have dateless plates starting from just £40, so going dateless needn’t be expensive either.