Check your tyres for comfort and safety



It’s important to check your tyre pressure regularly. Most petrol stations have coin-operated facilities to allow you to do this, or you can buy a gadget so you can check your tyre pressure at home.

Tyres at the wrong pressure can be very dangerous. Don’t be tempted to over inflate, thinking it will be better if you have a slow puncture as an over inflated tyre is also problematic. Grip and braking ability are both affected if your tyres are either over or under inflated.  A tyre at the wrong pressure will wear quicker than one at the right pressure, so you could find yourself having to fork out for new tyres faster than you needed to.  An over inflated tyre can make you feel more uncomfortable when travelling, and an under inflated tyre will increase your fuel consumption.

To find out the right pressure level for your tyres, check your manual or look for a label under the fuel cap or on the inside of the driver’s door. Remember, you may need to adjust your pressure if you’re carrying a heavy load. It’s best to check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold, so a home pressure checking gadget is best, or pick a garage nearest to your home. If you can park your car for a while before you check then do so. Supermarket petrol stations are good for this as you can do your shopping while you wait for your tyres to cool.

It’s recommended that you check your tyre pressure once a fortnight.

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