1/10 male drivers own personalised number plates

1 in 10 male drivers have personalised number plates in UK

A recent AA Study has found that nearly one in 10 blokes have a personalised number plate.

The study also found that personalised number plates were more popular among the rich, company bosses and professional workers, and only 7% of owners had unskilled or semi-skilled jobs.

The AA also found that women were not as keen to have personalised number plates as only one in 20 have one.

It also revealed that there are regional trends in owning one. The most popular area to have number plates is the North East with 17% and lowest in London with 9%. Whereas only 10% in Scotland and Wales.

The AA president, Edmund King says, “According to psychologists, some motorists need personalised number plates to demonstrate a sense of individuality, to mark their success or even show the world that they have a sense of humour. For others the plate is merely to keep up with the Joneses and disguise the age of the car.”

One of the most prestigious personalised number plate, that was released by the London Council in 1903, is A7 which is owned by none other than the Queen.  The A 7 registration is currently held on her father’s 1900’s Daimler, which was first registered with the DVLA on 01st April 1930 and is currently taxed until the 30/11/12.

Are you one of the 1 in 10 male drivers who own a personalised number plate?