Not sure what present to give this Christmas? How about a number plate?


Christmas is fast approaching, have you done your Christmas shopping yet or are you stuck for ideas? It can be very difficult finding the perfect gift for everyone. Year after year you have the same dilemma, and there are some people who are so tricky to buy for. You want to give them something thoughtful, that they’ll appreciate, but isn’t it awful when you’re looking round the shops and just can’t spot anything? They’ve already got a watch, you got them a hamper last year and you just know they won’t see the funny side of that great Santa Christmas jumper you secretly want for yourself.

So how about a personalised number plate? It’s an unusual gift, they’re not likely to get one from anyone else as most people don’t realise you can give private plates as presents. It’s a gift that will last forever. They might love a bottle of their favourite spirit, but once it’s gone, it’s forgotten. A private plate can be enjoyed all year round, year on year. What’s more, it’s a nice little investment. Other presents will end up at the charity shop or in the bin eventually, but give someone a private plate and if they decide they want a change, they can sell it. Private plates hold their value, an increasing number of people are using private plates as a serious investment product as you can make a tidy profit from them. The prices just don’t tend to go down with plates.

Picking out a plate for a gift might be easy, or you might end up confused with all the choice. We do our best to help you narrow down your choices with our search engine that cleverly finds plates to match any words or numbers you put into it, but if you get really stuck, we also sell gift vouchers so your recipient can choose their own plate. That’s something fun to do on a boring Boxing Day! Our gift vouchers are easy to buy, you can print them out so you’ve got something to hand over on Christmas Day, you can even add your own personal message to them. If you’re not going to see someone over the festive period, these vouchers are very handy as you can send them by email too. Vouchers are available in various denominations from £100 to £1000.

You may be concerned that giving private plates as Christmas presents is going to cost you a small fortune, but with our plates starting at just £40 you don’t need to worry. We’ve got plates to suit all budgets. One of the great things about buying plates for Christmas is that you don’t have to go out in the cold and walk round the shops, and you ‘re also not relying on the Christmas post to deliver your parcels on time!