What does your number plate stand for?

Number Plates

If you’ve got a private number plate, then chances are you’ll know what the characters stand for. They may be obvious such as a name eg. BOB or SUE or it may be more subtle. At first glance a plate such as AGH may not seem to represent much, but it becomes clear when we find out it belongs to Andrew Gordon Hutchinson!

If you don’t yet have a private plate, you probably think your standard DVLA plate just doesn’t represent anything at all, it’s all random, but maybe somewhere it does!

This happened to a driver from Texas who was stopped at the border to Mexico. His license plate started with CNG. A standard issue plate, he didn’t give it much thought, but the border police were worried, as CNG stands for Cartel Nueva Generacion or New Generation Cartel. An infamous Mexican drug cartel!

The poor driver had nothing to do with them, but it got him worried. What if it caused problems while driving – he was even worried he might be shot!

So perhaps it’s wise to get yourself a private plate – at least you’ll know what it stands for!

By SGT Joseph Garrison [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons