End of the Road for Tax Discs

End of the Road for Tax Discs

1: What are the DVLA doing?

They are changing the law to get rid of the need to display a paper tax disc. Tax discs will no longer be available.

2: Why are we doing this?

The benefits of paper tax discs have become redundant over time as the DVLA and police rely on DVLA’s electronic vehicle register to check if a vehicle is taxed.

3. When is this going to be introduced?

The change will be introduced on the 01st October 2014

4. Who will this apply to?

Everyone who needs to tax their vehicle

5. Does this means that motorist no longer need to buy vehicle tax?

No. Motorists will still need to pay for their vehicle tax, but they will no longer get a paper tax disc for display on vehicles.

6. How does this work for vehicles that are exempt from payment of vehicle tax, e.g. Disabled tax class?

The requirement to apply for vehicle tax will not change for any individual including those in the Disabled Tax Class. The only change will be that the paper tax disc will no longer be issued and required to be displayed on a vehicle windscreen.

7. Will motorists still get a reminder when the vehicle tax runs out?

Yes. There will be no change to the issue of the Renewal Reminder (V11s and V85/1s)

8. How will I know if a vehicle is taxed?

Any person may check the tax status of any vehicle by using DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry System. The vehicle enquiry system can be accessed by visiting www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/

9. What if I need a tax disc to get a parking permit/car parking space?

All Local Authorities will be made aware of the change to law where tax discs will no longer available.

10. If there is no tax disc, this could also mean that there is no insurance or MOT for a vehicle. How will this be checked?

The technology is already available to check details between the DVLA, Insurance Industry and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Technical advancements in accessing vehicle information means the police can access details at the roadside.

11. Will this lead to more people not paying their vehicle tax?

DVLA takes enforcement action directly from the vehicle register. The use of tools like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera and wheelcamping also enforce more effectively against those who fail to pay their vehicle tax. These enforcement measures have helped to improve compliance and vehicle tax evasion is at a historic low. The latest estimate of vehicle excise duty evasion is just 0.6%. There is no evidence to suggest that getting rid of the paper tax disc will make this increase as these tools will continue to be used when the tax disc is abolished.

12. How do I get a refund?

The registered keeper on record will be issued with an automatic refund when they notify DVLA that they no longer need to tax the vehicle any longer as it being sold/transferred or declared off the road (SORN)

13. Is this just a cost saving exercise?

No. Technology already provides for information on vehicle tax. Above all, it will remover an administrative inconvenience for many millions of motorists having to obtain and display tax discs.

14. Will DVLA reduce the cost of tax as they won’t be printing and posting a tax disc?

The cost of vehicle tax is set by HM Treasury as part of the Chancellors annual Budget.

15. Will it affect the Post Office Ltd?

No. Those customers who want to visit their Post Office branch will still be able to do so to pay for vehicle tax, but they will not be issued with a tax disc.

16. I want something for my windscreen. I don’t trust a remote computer at the DVLA.

There will be no requirements to display tax discs on a vehicle windscreen. The DVLA vehicle records will be updated to show that vehicle tax has been paid and confirmation of payment is issued via the DVLA’s online channel. Those motorists that visit a Post Office branch will be issued with a receipt.

17. If I buy a car, I can see immediately how much the tax costs. How else can I find out straight away if there is no disc on show?

The cost of vehicle tax can be found at website www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/

18. The tax disc is part of our motoring heritage. Why destroy it now?

This is part of the government’s plan to Modernise Motoring Services. In December 2012 the Department for Transport (DfT) launched a public consultation Motoring Services Strategy. The majority of respondents agreed for the paper tax disc to be abolished. Displaying a paper tax disc is now considered an outdated way to identify untaxed vehicles as technology is available.

19. Why can’t you make the tax disc optional for customers who don’t want it abolished?

A two-tier system would be too confusing for both public and enforcement officers.

20. Is this just the first step to vehicle tax on petrol?

This is a matter for the HM Treasury, but there are no plans to abolish vehicle tax in favour of increasing tax on fuel duty.

21. How can I check if a vehicle is taxed as disabled as customers who are eligible for disabled tax receive concessions with parking, toll bridges and for other fees?

From 01st October 2014, you will be able to check the vehicle tax class and status of any vehicle online at www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk. You just need to provide the vehicle number and the make of the vehicle. Another way to check if the customer has taxed their vehicle as disabled would be to ask if the confirmation of eligibility by DWP is available to view.