Sell your vehicle registration through Speedy Reg


Speedy Reg are always on the look out for great registrations to add to their stock and also on the look out for specific personalised registrations for their customers. Do you have a registration that you would like to sell or perhaps you have even thought about getting your registration valued and are not sure how to go about this.

Speedy Reg have been in business for over thirty years and are experts in their field. If you would like to have your number plate valued you can do this in two ways simply give them a call on 02866 387124 and receive a valuation there and then or if you would rather remain anonymous you can ask for a valuation via the website and this will be returned to you through email.

Selling your registration could not be easier. When you have received your valuation and wish to proceed with selling you will receive a selling permission form either via email or in the post. Simply fill out this form, sign it and return to Speedy Reg and they will advertise your registration live on their website. The selling permission form is a binding contract which allows Speedy Reg to sell your registration; should you wish to withdraw the sale or sell your registration through another means you are required to inform them either by email, letter or telephone and they will remove the registration from their website.

Upon sale of your registration you will receive a call from one of the sales team to confirm you are still in possession of the registration and check the registration details with you. You will then receive a confirmation letter with a stamped addressed envelope to return your documents and you will receive the agreed payment when the registration has been successfully transferred.

If you have a registration which Speedy Reg wish to purchase for an agreed cash price you will receive a confirmation letter from them and this will list the items you need to return to them. Again when the registration has been successfully transferred you will receive the agreed payment either by cheque or by BACS payment.

So what are you waiting for? That old plate on your vehicle could be worth something and could be exactly what someone else is looking for. If you are curious about the value of your number plate there is absolutely no harm in asking for a valuation. You are under no obligation to sell your registration unless you wish to do so and you are entitled to ask for whatever you feel the registration is worth. Speedy Reg will give you their expert opinion on the value and it is then up to you how you choose to proceed.