Don’t Forget to Turn the Clocks Back!

Luckily these days many of our clocks are clever enough to turn themselves back when Daylight Saving kicks in, but there are always those pesky wall clocks that you have to get down, change and put back up again twice a year, so don’t forget or you could end up very confused!

Yes, British Summer Time is officially over, it’s winter all the way now until March. But with the clocks going back, it does mean we get an extra hour in bed, so it’s not all bad! It’ll be lighter when you get up, which is much better when you’re trying to drag yourself out of bed for work in the morning, and the sun will set earlier on an evening.

The concept was originally brought in during WW1 to conserve coal and to give farmers an extra hour of sunlight to work in, to help boost the economy. The idea was first thought up in 1907 by William Willett, who happens to be the great-great-grandfather of Chris Martin, the singer from Coldplay.

Less than 20% of the world’s population are actually affected by daylight saving. In these modern times, far less people work on the land, we’re way more likely to work indoors, where electric lighting means it really doesn’t matter what the sun’s doing outside! Will we eventually see an end to daylight saving here in the UK? Probably one day!

Is it time for a new private plate?

Time’s ticking and there are so many fabulous plates out there, why not treat yourself with a new plate for winter? You could pick up a plate with your birth month on, or another important date such as your wedding or birth of a child. Here are some ideas…

Enjoy your extra hour!

So will you be making the most of an extra hour of snooze time, cuddled up in bed, or will you stay up a little later the night before, knowing you’ve gained that extra hour? You could spend it searching for your next private plate! Either way, do enjoy your extra hour, you deserve it after losing an hour last March!