Billionaire Bill Turns 63 – Many Happy Returns!

Bill Gates has certainly achieved a lot in his 63 years. When he was young, he said he wanted to be a millionaire by the time he turned 30. By his 31st birthday he was a billionaire, that’s quite some over-achieving!

His school was one of the first at the time to get a computer for the students to use. It was here he wrote his first ever computer program, a game of tic-tac-toe.  Along with some friends, he hacked into the school’s system to gain extra time on the computers which resulted in all four of them being banned from the system. However, the Computer Center Corporation which ran the system were impressed by their endeavours and subsequently allowed them to earn more computer time by finding bugs in the system.

Bill’s rather sneaky side still kept making an appearance though. When he was given the job of writing a computer program to schedule class timetables, he ensured that he would be placed in classes with more girls in!

He passed his Scholastic Aptitude Tests with a fantastic 1590 out of 1600 and went on to study at Harvard, but he dropped out, he had bigger fish to fry, and concentrated on his computer business, going on to found Microsoft in 1975.

Did you know…

  • Bill Gates has a magical McDonald’s Gold Card which means he can have as much free food from McDonald’s as he likes!
  • He was once totally addicted to the game Minesweeper.
  • We’re all used to pressing Crtl, Alt and Delete, but in 2013 he confessed that this was actually a mistake and it should have been a single button.
  • He likes to give the hardest job to his laziest workers as he knows they’ll find the easiest way to do anything!
  • He once made an impact during a talk about Malaria by opening a jar of live mosquitoes on stage.
  • He’s invested in a machine that turns poo into drinking water!
  • He was once arrested for driving without a license and jumping a red light.

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