It’s About Time! British Summer Time Begins

It’s been quite a winter hasn’t it? Just when the spring flowers started to show their heads and the sun began to shine a little, in comes The Beast from the East to spoil it all. But now British Summer Time is officially about to begin, things have got to start looking up from now on haven’t they?

The nights will be lighter and we’ll get home from work before it’s pitch black. The sun will start coming out and eventually, we’ll be sat outside in out t-shirts having a barbecue, fingers crossed! It’s a little hard to imagine that right now isn’t it?

Remember to put your clocks forward

Now don’t forget to put your clocks forward or you’ll end up at work or dropping the kids off at school an hour late! Can you remember how to change the clock in the car? They can be fiddly! Or perhaps it’s still on British Summer Time from last year because you couldn’t work it out when the clocks went back? Oh well, that will save you a job!

Summer Sun plates to brighten up your life

We’ve all had quite enough of Winter, we’re predicting a fall in sales of ICE plates. We’re all fed up of the stuff. But, SUN plates might be far more popular! Would you like one to brighten up your day? How about SUN 111 that’s certainly one of the sunniest plates we have! We’ve also got SUN 1S   for sale.

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Looking for EVEN CHEAPER SUN plates?

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