Australian GP Marks the First Race in the F1 2018 Calendar


It’s set to be an exciting start to the 2018 Formula One season with the Australian Grand Prix on March 25th. The Australian Grand Prix actually started way back in 1928, but didn’t become part of the Formula One World Championship until 1985. The race was held at the Adelaide Street Circuit for ten years, then moved to the Melbourne Grand Prix circuit from 1996 where it has been held ever since.

What’s new in Formula One in 2018?

2018 sees the introduction of a brand new safety feature as part of the revision of the technical regulations. This feature is a new cockpit protection device and has been dubbed the ‘halo’. It’s thought that the halo will be present in all open-wheel racing by the year 2020.

In 2018 we’ll also see shark fin engine covers and T-wings banned from the Grand Prix. Also, any suspension systems that alter the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle over a lap will be disallowed.

There will be a wider range of dry tyre compounds available, seven in total, that’s 2 more than previously and grid penalties for power unit changes will also be simplified. In addition, the drivers will only be allowed three power units for the season. So that’s one less than was previous allowed.

2018 Driver Line Up

Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas

Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel       & Kimi Raikkonen

Red Bull – Daniel Ricciardo & Max Verstappen

Force India – Sergio Perez & Esteban Ocon

Williams – Lance Stroll & Sergey Sirotkin

Renault           – Nico Hulkenberg & Carlos Sainz

Toro Rosso – Pierre Gasly & Brendon Hartley

Haas – Romain Grosjean & Kevin Magnussen

McLaren – Fernando Alonso & Stoffel Vandoorne

Sauber – Marcus Ericsson & Charles Leclerc


Watching the Formula One Grand Prix

The only place to watch all the races, including practices and qualifying is on Sky Sports dedicated F1 channel, so make sure you’re subscribed.

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