The Ultimate Personalised Plates


If you want to truly stand out from the crowd, the simplest plates are the most sought after and will really turn heads, however you’ll need deep pockets for the most exclusive plates. 100 O recently sold at auction for over £71,000 far surpassing the estimate of £15,000, making the plates more expensive than most cars!

The plate was sold during a large auction by the DVLA at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey along with 1500 other plates. The sale exceeded all expectations raising over four million pounds in total, of which £3.75 million went to the Treasury. Other plates of note sold were 50 OOO which went for £36,368, going to the same anonymous buyer as the 100 O plate, BU11OCK which raised £29,800 and 91 S which fetched £29,090.

If you too want one of these highly desirable plates, we have some in stock. How about 11 O or O 11 for the ultimate status symbol? Of course if you’re not rich and famous then your budget might not stretch to these top of the range license plates, however we also have an amazing array of lower priced plates too. There’s bound to be something that will suit you perfectly.